Sunday, 29 June 2008

C64 :: Breaking down the walls

Well, it's been a week and although quite a few cosmetic jobs have been done including the bolting in of the new status bar, sprites and some level data, there wasn't really a "milestone" to report until today when i got some proper time in front of the assembler; Co-Axis 2189 has a nearly complete game framework running, can initialise levels (although there's no data for anything past the first map and block of aliens) and run through them, detects death events and reacts accordingly, can spot when the lives are all out (but can't act on it just yet since there's no title page to return to) and knows when the end of a level has been reached and if it should move to the next or get ready for the completion sequence.

The next job is getting some of the cosmetics sorted so that the titles page can hand control to the game, then the game back to the titles or the completion screen; that really needs to be sorted now so that i can test it thoroughly before the levels start going in and getting through the entire game takes a lot longer!

The level name "Babylon And On" is a reference to the stone blocks as well as an album by Squeeze - most of the level names in the original Co-Axis were musically inspired and i want to continue that for this "re-imagining" as much as possible - the second level (which is partially planned graphically) is going to be called "Blue Monday".

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