Saturday, 21 March 2009

C64DTV :: Blok Copy DTV released!

Further to my previous post, Blok Copy for the C64DTV has "officially" been classed as done and dusted; i've literally just written it up for the main Cosine website, added a news item to Oldschool Gaming and uploaded an entry over at the CSDb. Phew!

Thinking about it a little bit, i'm not sure if this counts as the first DTV-specific game - there's a mod of Boulder Dash using 8BPP graphics, but in this case i wrote the game code as well as did the visuals so it's some kind of first! Anyway, it's got a superb tune in by Sean "Odie" Connolly called "Sporting Chance", some 8BPP graphics i'm quite pleased with and plays pretty nicely too (i hope). Here's a screenshot and enjoy!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

C64DTV :: Blok Copy just about done!

Just a quick update really, i've just removed the loader and included the two 16K 8 bits per pixel fonts into the main file (the beta version is still under 17K when compressed) and a couple of days ago Sean talked me through a work around to get the music playing correctly after compilation, so Blok Copy is ready apart from the final beta testing. Yay!