Monday, 16 June 2008

C64 :: A spot of rebranding

So i was thinking, y'see, that Boom Zone was familiar... well okay, it's not exactly the most original game going but it does bear a striking resemblance to a project i've had on the back burner since time began; Co-Axis 2189 to be precise. So, rather than writing a totally new game and probably re-coding Ax2189 (as it's referred to on it's source files) from scratch for yet another time next year at some point, the project formerly known as Boom Zone is now officially (wait for it!) Co-Axis 2189!

So the game now has full collisions, a nice attack wave manager that works fairly well and handles up to ten objects (five free floating, the other five produced by recycling one sprite every 32 raster lines), the ship and bullet with their collisions all up and running, the status bar partially activated and it looks pretty nice all told even before i've started importing the tile graphics. The Boom Zone name has, incidentally, been inherited by another project... because despite my saying i wouldn't get sidetracked, i have. Twice. Bum...

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