Sunday, 15 February 2009

C64 :: copy of more blockage

Well, as promised here is the video footage of Blok Copy... and the cryptic nature of my previous post might be explained since it actually runs on the C64DTV version 2 upwards, using an 8 bits per pixel display mode. i didn't quite get all the cosmetic glitches out and the music (by Sean Connolly and to date unreleased) has a small hiccup when it starts because the EMS compiler seems to have an issue but... well, it goes at least!

Saturday, 7 February 2009

C64 :: still copying bloks

i've almost got what amounts to a complete game going! It plays all the way through from titles to completion screen and back (i've got it dialled down to only play two stages during testing), all the cosmetics have been rewritten from the PET code so that they work in their new environment and i spent some of the night before last and most of yesterday morning drawing presentation graphics. There are some cosmetic glitches still, although i'm pretty sure i know where they're coming from and plan to flatten them over the next couple of days. The game won't be released just yet because there are a few variations on the theme to complete first (and the music isn't settled on) and yes, i know that's needlessly cryptic, but i'll post some screenshots or a video when i get the flickers repaired.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

C64 :: Blok Copy

i've spent a couple of days beavering away at Blok Copy (since i've finally got myself into a state of mind where coding is possible now) and the game itself is functioning perfectly. A little too well in fact, in the way that i start expecting it to crash and burn hideously at any moment! The presentation is still assuming there's a PETSCII font and isn't doing what it's supposed to but i'll get around to that next.

Thinking about it a bit more, i want to try converting it to the BBC Micro as well; that could put up a bit more of a fight to be honest, there's only 32K of RAM on a stock BBC and the best bitmap mode to use needs 20K just for the display (and a character set in memory will need 4K as well) but there are other options and i need to read up on the hardware a bit more before i make a decision as to which mode to go for. It might end up in four colours if things get desperate! All told, the various versions will need at least four different graphics sets (all laid out in a similar way) and somehow i've got to find a musician willing to do tunes for at least five platforms...!