Friday, 13 June 2008

C64 :: Whoops, sidetracked...!

Okay, so a little background might be needed here; over on the CSDb message boards a little thread [ahem] ran for a few days regarding coding games in a monitor; during that thread there's a slight possibility i got a teeny bit carried away after several bold claims from an advocate of monitor use that assemblers were "a palava" and that the Action Replay monitor was as good a development environment and... well, i sort of challenged him to write a scrolling shoot 'em up in the same time i could build one with my trusty cross assembler. He didn't even start and suddenly he's the sort of person who takes his time (you wouldn't know it from the bugs he's managed to collect) but i had a fully functioning core to a game running within twenty four hours and video on YouTube to show it off a bit:

So then i've got a small shoot 'em up core that isn't going to be doing anything. Fast forward a couple of days to yesterday and a decision was taken about Charge Armada to move it not so much to a back burner but to one side and let it simmer; the original idea with CA was to get it completed for Fusion '08 but, since it's becoming quite a complex project now, the new game, called Boom Zone, is going to step up for that job and Charge Armada will be given a few more months to simmer on a low heat... or something. i never could cook!

Boom Zone's being upgraded to "full project" has seen it gain a static starfield behind the landscape, bullet to background collisions and a full status bar already but the big jump is trying to come up with level ideas... which is where we're going next, hopefully. There'll be another video over the weekend if all goes to "plan" with some backgrounds in place and a few more attackers tootling around...

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