Thursday, 2 October 2008

C64 :: Armour Storm video

Since i'm going to try breaking the "block" and start working on Co-Axis 2189 again, my thoughts have of course drifted to the next project; ironically, it's going to see me restarting work on a previous project, a sci-fi themed platformer called Armour Storm. What makes it rather special is the graphics, the majority are taken from Cyberdyne Systems' unreleased game Deadlock with full permission from Robin Levy and Dan Phillips themselves - what is far more exciting (well, for me at least) is that Robin also drew the player sprite especially for Armour Storm!

What has been holding it up (for several years in fact, the last build was in 2005 according to the change log i kept at the start of the source code) was the issue of guns; i had always planned to allow Martin (the player's walker droid... Martin Walker, get it? Please y'selves...) but at the same time it does have some quite complex issues such as what happens to shot nasties, do they respawn and how or just frozen or how often should there be guns in operation. That needs a fair bit of thought, discussion and indeed experimentation before its worked out and hopefully i'll be able to find a little more time now.

But anyway, enjoy the video because those graphics are pretty friggin' stunning...

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