Tuesday, 23 September 2008

PC :: Wire Fighter released

Although the Bullet Mechanics website hasn't been updated to reflect it yet (that'll happen on Wednesday) yesterday saw the release of the now christened Wire Fighter over on the ShmupDev forums.

The game itself is quite simple to get into, the player has two energy bars for the ship itself and the "laser wire" grappling system (above and below the score respectively); along with the ship, there is also the laser wire's cursor, when the system is charged, it will lock onto attackers (the usually red cursor will turn green if there is power for it or orange if not) and a swift right click will take control of the enemy and see it tethered to the ship as a support weapon. It is possible to play the game without using the laser wire but it's difficult and the best scores will be achieved by constantly grappling new support craft.

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