Friday, 12 September 2008

PC :: More rapid prototyping

i haven't actually given the thing a name yet and it didn't end up using the OpenGL rendering code i was talking about previously... but after a day and a bit of slaving away i've got something together for the fourth ShmupDev competition! The idea is quite simple, the player has the option to lock onto attackers and take over their ships, slaving the craft itself and the weapons for their own use. There are some restrictions placed on the use of course (otherwise it'd be way too easy) such as the enslaved craft not moving as fast as they would otherwise and the bullets taking between two and eight hits to destroy attackers depending on the weapon grabbed, but generally it works pretty well.

All it really needs to "complete" it for the competition is some movement code for the nasties, a bigger selection of attackers with their own weapons that can be taken control of, a proper attack wave initialisation system (it's currently just slinging nasties in at random once every sixty or so refreshes) and then some pretties like a title page, a few more sprite designs, sound effects and so forth.

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