Wednesday, 28 May 2008

C64 :: Bump and grind

After a busy day pretending to be a writer, i like to relax and have a quiet evening discussing buffer selection with my collision routines... [Sits with smoking jacket in big leather armchair, with laptop and pipe that, when blown, produces soap bubbles for comic effect]

And after a bit of an altercation which i initially lost, they now take into account which of the two display buffers is in the foreground when attempting to read what is underneath the ship! That's a major plus, the whole thing was pretty unpredictable when, for eight frames out of sixteen, it was reading the damned back buffer during the redraw so it was picking up all sorts of odd ideas! i also spent half an hour tweaking the collision area, getting it lined up closer to the centre of the ship; it's a pretty rough calculation, but if it's good enough for the likes of Armalyte or Io, it's good enough for me too and now it's about as accurate as things get i'm happy.

i've also had the chance for a quick prod around the object decommissioning system and, after a little tweaking to get it working in a way that wouldn't limit the top vertical motion speed of the objects, it can spot something going out of bounds vertically as well as horizontally now; to be honest this isn't really needed for Charge Armada but i have a few other projects that i want to reuse parts of the object system for in the early stages, they could do with that feature so, since it's a fairly minimal overhead, it went in now to save me having to remember later...

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