Thursday, 13 August 2009

C64 :: GR9 under way

Okeydokey, so i posted to Facebook, uploaded video to YouTube and mentioned it on a couple of forums whilst forgetting my own dev blog... the new C64 project is under way and called GR9 Strike Force; it's another horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up, being written for Retro Reunited and the overall theme is more current than most of my previous games. According to the finite "research" i did, the GR9 Harrier is the model in service with at least some of our military right now.

Here's that video i uploaded:

The status bar has been drawn and installed, along with a six by six character area for a digitised picture - the idea is that at the event someone'll win a door prize, be photographed making themselves look a plum and be inserted into the game as an avatar during play and on the loading screen "live". Today was spent writing a very specific converter that takes four blocks of 24 by 48 multicolour pixels and converts them into a six by four character block in the status font, two sprites with the extra sixteen pixels that are in the lower border and six high-res sprites that are horizontally expanded and used as overlays to give a total of six colours for the image.

And yes, the code running in the video already has the upper and lower borders open and is handling the masking as sprites leave vertically itself to within a couple of cycles - of course, nobody'll notice these things unless i bloody point 'em out [mutter, mutter!]

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